Fair Play USA Issues Black Friday Statement

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

Online gambling advocacy group Fair Play USA has released a statement that coincides with the one year anniversary of the Black Friday actions that the U.S. government took against online poker sites.

Fair Play USA's spokesman, former FBI Chief Louis Freeh issued a statement that reads:

“Congressional action is required to restore the Wire Act and provide law enforcement with the tools necessary to effectively patrol a borderless Internet that is fraught with rogue online gambling sites outside the reach of U.S. law,” Freeh said.

“We must provide strict, uniform national standards for online poker that protect adult consumers and prevent minors from gambling.”

Greg Raymer, a former World Champion poker player also released a statement that advocates regulation of the industry.

“Black Friday showed us why we need new laws to clarify what is legal and what is not," Raymer said. "Players need to be able to play safely online; companies need to be held accountable for any wrongdoing; and law enforcement needs the tools to protect adult consumers and prevent minors from gambling."

"We need Americans like you to tell your friends about the current status of online poker, and tell them why we need clear, common sense regulation now.”