WinADay Casino Asks Players To Help Develop Its Next Game

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Online casino WinADay has been asking its fans on Facebook to help develop its next casino game.

Through asking players what they would like the next theme of the game to be, almost a third of WinADay's fans said they would like a "house pet" theme. Slightly less suggested a movie themed game, while another popular choice was a classical fruit slot theme.

Other questions that WinADay is asking include how many paylines and what kind of bonuses the game should offer. Currently, WinADay hosts 29 unique slots on its website based casino.

Commenting on the unique way to develop its newest game, WinADay Manager Michael Hilary said: “We’re in pretty close touch with many of our regular players and we’re always listening to their ideas. Our players have certainly shaped our casino’s evolution over the years. Now social media is giving us great new opportunities to interact with players, hear what they think. Our next new game will definitely be created ‘by’ our players.”

The new game is expected to be released during the summer of this year.

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