Malaysia Illegal Online Gambling News

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Over the weekend various stories broke out of Malaysia regarding the country's fight against illegal online gambling organizations.

Reportedly the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission and state police are working together to devise a plan that would block illegal online gambling websites in Malaysia.

Datuk Abdul Jalil Hassan, Assistant Director at the Secret Societies, Gambling and Vice Division told the Bernama News Agency that a potential move is necessary to stop illegal online gambling crime syndicates from growing in stature. He said that the two organizations are working together to identify websites that could "cause unhealthy activities" in Malaysia and would then immediately block the site.

"Based on police surveillance, most of the international gambling sites detected are from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan." Hassan said. "However, the police are facing difficulties in shutting down the operations because they are operated from countries which legalise gambling activities."

In other news, police in the Malaysian town of George Town have announced that they have arrested three people involved in an online betting syndicate that took bets on British Premier League matches.

A spokesman for the local police bureau said that the arrests went down in a luxury apartment complex in an early morning raid after the public informed the police of the suspicious activity.

During the raid 15 mobile phones, computers, and laptops were seized, along with betting slips and accounting records that show the ring took in about RM 500,000 in bets per week.