Betfair Releases "Betfair Everywhere" For Google Chrome

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

Online betting exchange Betfair has released a Google Chrome add-on that will allow customers on other betting websites to see Betfair's odds.

The new add-on is called "Betfair Everywhere" and overlays Betfair's betting odds on selected sports websites. The add-on will allow punters to place bets through the software.

Betfair Everywhere was created by company engineers during a "Hack Day" held in Betfair's tech center in Romania. The engineers were tasked to come up with products that Betfair customers can take advantage of. Betfair Everywhere is being launched as part of the company's marketing campaign Don't Settle for Less, which is being promoted throughout the UK and Europe.

Commenting on the release, Betfair Group Operations Director Ian Chuter said, “The Betfair Everywhere add-on is a cheeky, innovative, and powerful tool which we can now call upon to further reinforce our value proposition.

"We're constantly looking at ways to make it easier for our customers to recognise the value we offer and then act upon it. The Everywhere tool is a simple yet ingenious use of technology that highlights our willingness to think differently when it comes to keeping one step ahead of the competition."

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