Utah Man Accused Of Hiding $51.4 Million In Online Poker Payments

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

A Utah man has been named in a report by the Salt Lake Tribune, claiming that a court appointed receiver is accusing him of hiding $51.4 million in online poker payments.

The report claims that Jeremy Johnson has been investigated by the court, who claims that he has tried to hide the funds after the Federal Trade Commission sued him for scamming customers out of more than $275 million. The investigation claims that Johnson allegedly moved the poker funds through various shell companies.

“A majority of these entities do not appear to have generated any business income and were used as conduits to reroute funds and to commingle and hide funds." the court receiver's report claims.

Johnson has ties to two Black Friday defendants John Campos and Chad Elie, who will go on trial for their alleged crimes next month in relation to processing illegal online gambling funds.