UK Woman Stole 400,000 Pounds From Her Employer To Feed Gambling Habit

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

A woman from Norfolk in the United Kingdom was sentenced to three and a half years in jail after she stole nearly £400,000 from her employer to feed her gambling habit.

Suzan Smith, a 53 year old woman, stole the funds from Graham Wuyts and Co Accountants in Attleborough, Norfolk. Smith was sentenced by Judge Peter Jacobs who criticized the defendant for her crimes. The owner of the accounting firm that employed Smith has had to postpone his retirement by five years to pay back the clients who had funds stolen.

Smith had been employed at the firm for 12 years and acted as owner Graham Wuyt's "right hand man", where she handled client accounts and paid the firm's bills. She had her scam discovered last summer when a company investigation was launched after financial difficulties arose. It was then revealed that £250,000 was missing from the company account with a further £65,000 missing from client accounts.

Smith later admitted to police that she stole the money and used credit cards to feed her compulsive gambling habit, which had gotten out of control.