Quebec Police Recover Some Of Poker Pro's Stolen Goods

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Reports in the Canadian media state that police in Quebec have retrieved half of the $115,000 that was stolen from WSOP champion Jonathan Duhamel last year during a home invasion.

Police say that on January 6th officers retrieved some of Duhamel's cash, which was hiddenin a mailbox about 8 kilometers northeast of Montreal. The box contained half of the money that was stolen from the poker pro in the same denominations and currency that were reported taken in the robbery.

Last December Duhamel was beaten and robbed of $40,000 in Canadian currency, €74,000, a WSOP bracelet worth about $40,000 and a Rolex watch. Four people have been indicted in the crime, including Duhamel's ex-girlfriend Biance Rojas-Latraverse.

Rojas-Latraverse has plead not guilty and is being held without bail. A preliminary hearing is set for February 21st.