Internet Gambling Has Gender Equality

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Online gambling group Bellerock Entertainment has released statistics that show that women make up nearly half of the number of internet gamblers.

Gambling is traditionally seen as a male dominated hobby, but Bellerock claims that in 2011 48.38% of all gamblers online were female, with 51.62% of gamblers being male.

The group claims that online gambling has appealed to more women as the activity is more convenient and provides a safer atmosphere. Additionally, Bellerock claims that female oriented casino and bingo sites have brought more women on board.

The study by Bellerock states: "The latest British Gambling Preference Survey figures indicate that while the number of women playing online casino games has increased, men tend to vary their gaming activities more than women. While men were found to strongly prefer poker, roulette and sports betting, women still strongly prefer online slots and bingo, with women twice as likely to play bingo as men."