Everleaf Poker Offers No Answers For U.S. Withdrawal

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Two days after telling players that it is leaving the U.S. market, Everleaf Poker still has not stated its reasons for pulling out, nor has it stated its plans for allowing players to cash out.

The closest anyone has gotten to an official response comes from one of the network's skins. A spokesperson for Luvin Poker, one of Everleaf's Skins, sent an email that claims:

  • That the U.S. Department of Justice has not seized the company's funds

  • That Everleaf's decision to pull out of the U.S. is not related to the Department of Justice

  • That American funds are safe at Everleaf, which will turn the money over to Malta's Lotteries and Gaming Authority so that it can be paid back

  • Non-U.S. players will not see their services disturbed

  • Luvin Poker still wants to service American players, and wants to offer for play games and tournaments

  • As far as Luvin Poker is concerned, "Real money for U.S. players will be returning in the future."