Canadian Sportsbetting Bill Closer To Reality

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

A bill legalizing sportsbetting in Canada has been slowly making its way through the Canadian legislature through the past few months, and recently passed a committee stage that puts it one step closer to reaching the Senate.

The bill, C290, was introduced by MP Joe Comartin and would effectively repeal laws that currently outlaw sports betting.

Over the last week the bill moved through the Standing Committee on Justice and Human rights after the bill's successful second reading in November. The bill reportedly will receive a friendly reception in the Senate, as politicians are seeking ways to generate revenue.

So far, the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia have voiced their support for the bill, joining the Canadian Gaming Association. However the bill is being opposed by the National Hockey League, which does not want to see any revision to the current laws.

One area that could certainly reap the benefits of the sportsbetting bill is Windsor, Ontario. The town borders the United States city of Detroit and has had serious economic trouble since the U.S. government implemented a law requiring persons crossing the border to present a valid passport. Because of this law, gambling revenues have dropped, and the city is looking for ways to bring American visitors back across the border.

It is estimated that the bill would generate CDN $70 million in wagers in Windsor alone.

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17 February 2012 - 4:36pm

I used to live about 40 minutes from Windsor, and the place has really taken a beating. Windsor was great for me to visit as an American because I could drink beer, have a Cuban cigar, and go to a casino at age 19, instead of the 21 they mandate over in the U.S.

When I first started going over there, all you needed was a drivers license and birth certificate to get safe passage through the border. It was really convenient and made multiple trips there possible each month. However, the U.S. put a new law into place that everyone has to have a passport to get back from Canada... this effectively killed a large portion of the American visitors who would go over there to have a good time.

It also worked vice versa, as less Canadians would cross the border to come to Detroit's malls and outlets for shopping...

Windsor has been hit hard by things and I think legalizing sports betting would help draw in some revenue there. I would be willing to get my passport so that I can cross the river and put some bets on football or hockey games.

I hope they do it.