British Columbia's Online Casino Growing Quickly

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

A Vice President for the Crown Corporation has told the Kamloops News Daily that, British Columbia's lottery owned internet casino is expected to grow 50% year over year.

Tom Williamson, the Vice President of Financial and Corporate Services for the British Columbia Lottery Corporation told a Kamloops Rotary group this week that while there is little room to grow land based casino developments, the province's online casino is seeing revenues grow substantially.

Williamson said that the website delivered revenues in 2011 of Cdn $1.1 billion and that those numbers are expected to rise this year. "We think we'll come in (at the end of March 2012) at about Cdn$70 million. Compared to $2.7 billion, it's a relatively small part of the business, but that business, driven by consumer demand, is expected to continue to grow at a double-digit pace.” Williamson said.

The lottery executive then went on to say that the next step for the BCLC is mobile business. The corporation plans to venture slowly into this category by initially allowing players to check lottery ticket numbers, but will eventually move onto offering casino games.