UK To Crack Down On Olympic Betting Corruption

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

The United Kingdom is set to crack down on betting corruption for the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London.

British Olympic Minister Hugh Robertson said that he is trying to take whatever steps he can to stop corruption during the games. Robertson said that a special law enforcement unit has been assembled that will crack down on illegal betting syndicates. The special team will be working with Interpol and the Serious Organized Crime Agency to track the elicit gambling.

Robertson spoke out about the bribing of Olympians, saying that it is a real threat to the games, and now poses a larger threat than drug doping. Speaking to the Sunday Times Robertson said "You cannot underestimate the threat this poses because the moment that spectators start to feel that what they are seeing in front of them is not a true contest, that is when spectators stop turning up and the whole thing falls to pieces. At some stage over the next two or three years, we will have some other sort of betting scandal in some sport. I just hope it is not at the Olympics."

Robertson then went on to say that regulation in the west makes it easier to track suspicious betting patterns by groups. However, the far east and Indian sub continent are not as well regulated. "If you look at the most recent high-profile incident - the Pakistani cricketers at Lord's - the issue is not of betting syndicates in this part of the world. It is in illegal betting syndicates on the Indian subcontinent and elsewhere, where huge sums of money change hands." he said.