Taiwan Internet Company's Game Backfires

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Taiwanese internet company Fun Town saw a promotional activity on its site shut down after local police said it encouraged online gambling and may violate the island's electoral laws.

The mess all started when Fun Town posted a political game "The People's Big Prediction", which the Criminal Investigation Bureau claimed could manipulate the outcome of the upcoming presidential election. Before the game was taken down, "The People's Big Prediction" logged more than a million bets in five days.

Gambling is outlawed in Taiwan, save for bank lotteries.

In other news, at least 14 people in Taiwan have been arrested for gambling on the outcome of the same presidential race. Police say that more than TW$74 million has been taken in presidential bets.

Current Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou is facing close competition with Tsai Ing-wen for the election.