Poker Ace Gets Big Monthly Payments From Full Tilt Poker

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

World renowned poker player Phil Ivey was receiving payments of nearly $920,000 a month from poker site Full Tilt Poker, his ex-wife's alimony documents claim.

Ivey's ex-wife recently filed court documents in an alimony dispute, claiming that she should be entitled to more money than their 2009 agreement. The documents show that Ivey was receiving $920,000 monthly from Full Tilt's parent company Tiltware.

Ivey reportedly was giving his ex $180,000 per month from the Full Tilt payment while keeping $740,000 for himself. After the events of Black Friday last year the payments stopped.

Ivey's former wife is claiming among other things that the poker ace made donations to the judge who heard the original settlement, claiming bias and favor toward Mr. Ivey. She wants a new alimony agreement, which would present her with more money every month.

For his part, Phil Ivey claims that the original agreement states that if the monthly payments from Tiltware stopped, then that portion of the agreement would also be nullified.