New Jersey Sports Betting Now Law

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed a bill that effectively makes sports betting legal in the Garden State, but only if the federal ban is overturned.

The bill was introduced by State Senator Ray Lesniak after the measure was approved by New Jersey residents during a November vote. The state legislature passed the bill quickly, and moved the bill on to the Governor's desk.

Supporters of the law claim that it will bring more tax revenues to the state and give gambling hot spot Atlantic City a boost. The coastal gambling destination has seen sagging revenues during the last several years, and sports betting proponents see sports betting as an extra incentive to bring in visitors.

Before the law can be implemented however, the state must have the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act overturned in the court system. The PAPSA law has effectively banned sports wagering in all but four states, with Nevada currently the only state offering any legal sports wagering.