Connecticut Governor Believes Online Gambling Is Coming

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Speaking to media reporters on Monday, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy stated that he believes the legalization and regulation of online gambling is inevitable given the Justice Department's new stance on the Wire Act.

While speaking inside his office, Malloy said that his administration is looking into protecting jobs at the state's two online casinos while acknowledging that online betting will likely be legalized soon.

"The Internet is the Internet. You don't turn off the Internet at any state's borders," he said. "It's an impossibility. If it (online gambling) moves forward, and it's clearly going to move forward, it's going to be available in Connecticut. Now we have to decide, in the state of Connecticut, what is our approach to that."

State Senate Minority Leader John McKinney disputed Governor Malloy's comments almost immediately, saying that he doesn't believe legalized internet wagering is inevitable, adding that Congress may still oppose and defeat any legislation.

"I think the governor wants everybody to believe there's nothing we can do about it and therefore he wants to gain revenue from it. That's not right." said McKinney.