British Olympic Fencer Also A Poker Player

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

During an interview with the BBC, British Olympic Fencing Team member Jamie Kenber revealed that he earns extra income by playing online poker.

Noting that when he is a little short in coming up with students to tutor in math, Kenber turns to internet Hold'em. "If I can't get enough students then I might play a little bit of cards. I've had some wins, but it's not a reliable source of income unless you have a lot of time to commit." he said.

"I'm a decent hobbyist, but I've made a little bit of money from it," he added.

When comparing fencing and poker, Kenber said "There are comparisons. In fencing someone might show you something and you don't know whether they're actually going to go through with it or if it's just an early bluff. That happens in poker as well."

"And if you think people are doing things for the wrong reasons you can end up losing. It's no coincidence that I enjoy both of them."