Bodog Gets New Live Game "Super Six" Baccarat"

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Bodog88 has announced that it has launched a new game "Super Six Baccarat", a live game that will be playable on The Grand Bodog Live Dealer Casino.

Baccarat is the fastest growing card game in Asia, and is expected to be wildly popular on the website.

In Super Six Baccarat, a Banker win with any other point total than a six would payout 1/1 (even) . If the Banker wins with a point total of six, all bets are paid out at a rate of .5/1. Players also have the option to place a wager on a Super Six result, which acts as an insurance bet. If the player hits on that particular wager, the payout is 12/1.

Bodog88 Managing Director Robert Gustafsson commented on the game's launch, saying "Carving out something unique in the cluttered world of online casino is very difficult but with our new live dealer studio we can quickly react to the needs and wants of casino players. Any new trend can be immediately introduced which we hope will make Bodog88 the most dynamic online casino out there."

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