Betfred Upgrades Verification System

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

UK based wagering company Betfred has announced that it has upgraded its online verification system as the company has enlisted the services of Callcredit Information Group (CIG).

Betfred will be utilizing CIG's CallValidate software, which will allow for faster decisions on identity verification. The new software will also feature CIG's Ownership Fraud Alert, a feature that will link payment details to the person that is the card owner.

Currently Betfred carries out manual checks on suspicious transactions. The CallValidate will erase this need.

Speaking about the new verification software, Betfred Head of Fraud Prevention, Risk And Payments Dennis Luckett said "Callcredit have given us the one missing ingredient from our customer checking solutions - online credit and debit card verification. Merging this into our existing checks gives us a fully balanced check on all our UK customers."

Callcredit Head of Sales James Blake also commented, saying "CallValidate is a unique solution that checks both identity and payment details within just three seconds, dramatically cutting down on the time that Betfred has to spend manually checking transactions. We were delighted to be able to deliver the tools to make this happen."

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