Betfair Releases Three New Dice Games

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Online betting group Betfair has announced that it has launched three new dice games under the company's Poker Cubed brand.

The new games are community based, allowing players to play each other using the traditional poker style of betting and utilizing dice instead of playing cards.

The new games in the Poker Cubed brand include:

  • Dice Hold'em, a dice variant of the famous poker game Texas Hold'em

  • Shoot the Moons, a game where players wager on which player rolls the highest score. Players who roll a double six win half of the pot.

  • Liar's Dice, a game that sees other players bluff and outbid each other on the values of dice that are partially hidden. The game was made popular in "The Pirates of the Caribbean.

The games were developed by Jadetone, which Betfair has teamed up with in the past to release a backgammon product.

Speaking about the new games Betfair Manager Ashley Chase said "We believe the product offers a challenge to veteran card players and newcomers alike. Betfair's multi-player Poker Cubed games bring a new dimension to poker with six times the action."

In other Betfair news, the company has announced the release of its newest video slot Sensible Soccer, which is based on the popular Atari video game.

The slot is a 5 reel 25 payline game with a "Euro Cup" feature that allows punters to wager on a specific team as it makes its way through a virtual tournament. If a match with ten goals or more is featured a progressive jackpot is triggered.

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