Report: Sen. Reid To Make Move On Internet Poker

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

In an interview with Fox News over the weekend, Senator Kent Conrad revealed that Senator Harry Reid may be getting set to get online poker regulated as part of a revenue generating initiative.

The speculation arose after Conrad told Fox News, “Majority Leader Reid called me yesterday and said he will propose tomorrow a compromise plan to extend the payroll tax cut. He will offer it at that point — I don’t think it’s probably in my purview to announce his plan — but he indicated to me it will be paid for. It will be paid for in a serious way."

With Reid hailing from Nevada, many are wondering if this provision would be paid for by legalizing and regulating online poker.

After hearing Conrad's comment, Senator Tom Coburn commented that he is opposed to having a one year tax cut paid for "through measures that would span the next decade. The principle that you would in fact create a tax cut and then say you’re going to pay for it over 10 years is exactly why we’re bankrupt as a nation."

Coburn's comment raised suspicion that he was referring to the tax revenue that online poker could potentially bring in over ten years.

As of the publication of this article, Senator Reid had not commented on his proposed measure.