Pokerstars Announces More Player Protections

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Online poker giant PokerStars has announced that it has integrated more methods to protect player funds.

PokerStars has always kept player funds separated from its business accounts but announced that the company has instituted a formal process to address these accounts with third party supervision added to ensure an honest evaluation.

The company is planning to unleash its new process in France to start, with more regulated markets such as Belgium, Italy and Spain to be added later on. PokerStars said it hopes other firms will follow suit in order to enhance the online gambling industry's image.

PokerStars Gaby Campos CEO commented on the new process, saying “The security of player accounts and the integrity of online poker play are fundamental to the ongoing and future success of the industry."

“We have developed a unique structure that is ideal for the newly regulating markets. We hope that all responsible licensing authorities will ultimately insist that online gaming companies maintain the full amount of customers’ funds in fully segregated, independently managed accounts.”