Online Poker Slow During Holidays

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Online poker has slowed down considerably during the holiday season, with a 4% decline in players a report by PokerScout claims.

Legal action by the United States has seen player activity decrease by 31% year over year, although some sites are still reporting gains in player numbers.

Company gains and losses for the period stand at:

  • 888Poker, up 78% year over year

  • Merge Gaming Network, up 75% year over year

  • Bodog, up 51% year over year

  • Full Tilt Poker, down 100% year over year

  • Cereus Network, down 99% year over year

  • Entraction Network, down 55% year over year

  • International Poker Network, down 45% year over year