Nevada Gaming Control Board Gets Useful Suggestions

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board held a hearing regarding online gambling which yielded some useful suggestions.

The meeting was attended from various gaming companies such as, Fertitta Entertainment and IGT. 888's representative suggested amended wording that's goal was to allow a player to gamble while age verification was ongoing. The rep said that a casino should do an initial verification and then allow the player to play until a complete age verification was completed.

IGT discussed the extent of rake, which is currently set to 10% for cash games. The IGT rep suggested that the regulations should embrace poker tournament specific rates.

Multi-accounting on different poker sites was discussed with a legal representative from Fertitta who said that regulations needed absolute clarity to protect against collusion.

At the end of the hearing the NGCB said it would forward the draft of regulations to the Nevada Gaming Commission for consideration.