iButler Casino Copying Rival Gaming

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Players at iButler Casino have noticed that the casino's gaming software looks eerily similar to the software provided by Rival Gaming.

The casino, which operates out of Malta, had a spokesperson speak out about the similarities saying, "Regarding to the similarity with Rival games, we don't have any connection with this company. We are using a different gaming platform and all our games are developped (sic) by us.

"You may find similarities between many other online gambling sites, and this is not a reason to believe that the games are stolen from one site or another."

Players at online forums did not buy this answer, and spoke out against the rep.

Possible sources for the copycat games could be Malta based 36Gaming or Cyprus based Forth Design Studio. Neither company had issued comment on the issue as this article went to press.

Ed's note: iButler Casino is blacklisted at Casino Listings, initially for spamming our forums with people pretending to be players praising the casino. This confirms our instincts about the people running the casino. Stay away punters!