Denmark Set For Liberalized Internet Gambling Market

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

On January 1st Danish gamblers are set to have more options when it comes to online gambling, however due to delays to the ID verification system, full implementation will not take effect until February 1st.

Now, online gamblers will be able to play with more competitive promotional offers with more games and venues.

Danish Tax Minister Thor Möger Pedersen has warned that the country will follow in the steps of the United States by blocking illegal casino operators from enticing Danish punters.

"The orderly market means, among other things, that all gambling operators without a licence from 1 January 2012 risk that their website or payments will be blocked," Pedersen said.

Denmark has licensed 38 companies with 55 licenses. 13 are set to offer casino games. So far 19 betting companies have been licensed in Denmark that can provide sports betting to gamblers. Those companies are: Betfair, Betsson, Bonnier Gaming, Cashpoint, DanBook, Danske Licens, ElectraWorks, Entraction Operations, Hillside, iGame, Interactive Sports, InTouch Casino, Ladbrokes International, Nordic Betting, Nordic Odds, PKR Technologies, Scandic Bookmakers, Stanleybet International and Unibet.