Czech player wins pokerstars' 72 billionth hand

This story was published more than 11 years ago.

A poker player from the Czech Republic has won the 72nd billionth hand of poker at PokerStars, a feat that will see him win the pot and an extra $24,300.

The milestone hand came on a low blind, no limit table ($.02/$.05, 6 player max) where 'Kozlicek_x' went all in with a pair of sevens. Other players at the table also went in on the action. 'Kozlicek_x' ended up winning the pot of $27 and a bonus of $24,300 for winning the pot.

The Czech had a brief and humorous reaction to his big win when he exclaimed "Holy goat!"

Other players in on the hand took home between $12,150 and $15,000.