Bodog To Work Against Poker Collusion In Update

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Bodog Poker is set to make player hand histories available to players in a software update due early next year amid concerns that the anonymous tables it ushered in may lead to collusion.

Bodog UK Chief Executive Patrik Selin spoke about the upcoming update, saying that the software update will empower gamblers to check into suspected activity. The software will allow players to check whole hand histories, including hole cards, which will enhance any investigations. Concerns can then be forwarded to the Bodog Poker Security Department, which will then continue the investigation.

"When you strip back all of the emotional comments from people with vested interests, whether they be players that use HUDs or are data-mining companies, there is only really one criticism that stands up to scrutiny and that is whether the lack of usernames can increase the opportunity for collusion,” Selin said.

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