Betfair Files E.U. Complaint On Germany

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Online betting company Betfair has filed a formal complaint with the European Commission regarding Germany's new gambling laws.

Betfair's complaint addresses Germany's legislation that it claims protects German provincial gaming monopolies. The complaint requests that the European Commission act to ensure that all German states except for Schleswig Holstein comply with European Union law.

Speaking about the petition, Betfair Chief Legal and Regulatory Affairs Officer Martin Cruddace said, “The salient points of the European Commission’s detailed opinion have as of yet not been addressed ... under these current proposals Germany’s new state treaty will be out of line and out of touch with fundamental EU law.”

Betfair filed the complaint in Brussels, Belgium on Wednesday and the dispute may interfere with Germany getting European Commission approval on its gaming laws by December 15th.

The new legislation passed by Germany earlier this year will place a tax increase on private gambling companies, from 7% to 20%, while favoring state run gambling companies. Germany claims that monopolized gaming is necessary to combat problem gambling, a claim that may be cast in doubt as state run gambling services market aggressively toward players.

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