Tasmanian Regulator Speaks In Favor Of Regulated Australian Gambling

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

A member of the Tasmanian Gaming Commission has spoken out in favor of regulated online gambling in Australia.

As part of a submission to the Australian government's review of the Interactive Gambling Act, Peter Hoult voiced concern over Australian gamblers using foreign unregulated casinos.

"We should set up a regulated Australian online environment and encourage people to use those safe and regulated operators." Hoult said.

Mr. Hoult was then told by the review chairperson, Andrew Wilkie that the idea of regulation was being considered.

Wilkie told Hoult: "We do need to decide do we need to tighten the controls or do we in fact need to liberalise it so that Australians don't have to go to risky, unregulated off-shore sites?

"I'm yet to make up my mind, but the committee will be bringing down its report either late this year or early next year."

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