RGA Voices Support for EU Vote

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

On Tuesday, the Remote Gaming Association joined other gambling organizations in supporting the European Union's Parliament vote on internet gambling.

A statement released by the RGA said that the vote shows support for the European online gambling industry. The statement reads in part:

"In particular, it presses the European Commission to ensure compliance with EU law and to pursue infringement proceedings against Member States that unjustifiably restrict access to their gambling markets," the statement notes, approving in particular support for:

  • The provision of well-regulated online gambling services;

  • Cooperation between national gambling regulators;

  • The need to avoid unnecessary licensing duplication and administrative burdens;

  • Notes that licensed betting operators help protect the integrity of sport;

  • That more progress should be made on addressing infringement cases; and

  • That the Commission should take action against violations of the EU Treaties.

RGA Chief Executive Clive Hawkswood said: “The European Parliament’s resolution demonstrates a marked change in approach. It now wants to regulate rather than prohibit, and it is pressing the Commission to act against Member States which unjustifiably restrict access to their gambling markets. The resolution is clear, reminding the Commission ‘of its duty to act swiftly upon receipt of complaints about violations of the freedoms enshrined in the Treaties.’ The licensed private remote gambling sector is in full support of those remarks."

The RGA did voice displeasure of the vote in part, because it includes a reference to sport event organizer property rights from betting. Futhermore, Hawkswood also urged caution, stating that the European Union Parliament vote is not a legislative process.

"The next steps in relation to the Parliament’s resolution and the Commission’s deliberations regarding its Green Paper exercise are unclear. In the meantime, we will continue to work with receptive and forward thinking Member States and to press the Commission to enforce EU law,” Hawkswood said.