Online Poker Player Loses Almost $400,000 In 48 Hours

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

The online poker world is abuzz with news breaking that a poker player recently lost almost $400,000 at PokerStars.

The player, who goes by the alias !P0krparty? came into the high roller tables at PokerStars in July and garnered a reputation among other players as being aggressive and daring. He would sometimes lose as much as six figures only to win it all back.

During his latest rounds, !P0krparty? competed with several top tier poker professionals this week, taking part in 10,724 hands over 48 hours in $25/$50 and $50/$100 6-Max PLO games.

!P0krparty?, who hails from Canada, lost $398,000 to players such as Peter Chan, Rui Cau, and IIari Sahamies. He now finds himself down $465,000 and followers of the game are unsure if the aggressive player will be able to win it back.