New Gambler Wins 3.8 Million Euros Playing Mega Moolah

A player who is new to gambling online recently won €3.8 million while playing Mega Moolah at Challenge Casino, part of the Casino Rewards group of casinos.

The gambler, who is known as "A.D", was treated to a trip to Sydney, Australia by the casino, where he and his partner got to eat at luxury restaurant Aria and took a press photo shoot in the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Commenting on his win, A.D. said: "I plan to give something from my winnings to charity, and then I will help some relatives, my girlfriend... some more travelling too, that's for sure! I may never stop working... I may have some other people working for me... basically I'm not in a great hurry to spend this money,"

"The day I won the jackpot is a beautiful memory. It's still quite vivid. I played Mega Moolah, the jackpot screen opened, the wheel was spinning, there were a few segments on which it could have stopped, but that was exceptional and I thought that that could not happen to me... but it did!

"I could not believe it at first, then I called to make sure, because I thought it could be an error... but it wasn't! I stayed there for I don't know how long, staring at the ceiling and thinking lots of things. At first I didn't think much, I only thought that my life was most probably going to change."

A.D.'s jackpot is Casino Rewards' second largest in the company's history. In 2008 a player named "K.E." won $5.5 million while also playing Mega Moolah.

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