Ex-Cantor Gaming Exec Files Counter Suit Against Former Company

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

A legal battle between Cantor Gaming and a former executive saw more fuel added to the fire, as more litigation was filed in court.

The former executive, Joseph Asher filed a counter claim in retaliation after Cantor Gaming accused Asher of breaching non-compete and confidentiality agreements. Asher's suit charges that Cantor Gaming launched "(a) belated and meritless attempt to damage Asher’s reputation and harass and distract him" and by this action tried to "thwart the sale of Brandywine to William Hill for illegitimate competitive reasons and cause William Hill to reconsider its decision to have Asher serve as the CEO of its United States gaming business following its entry into the United States gaming market.”

The counter suit also reveals a chaotic situation inside of Cantor Gaming, where Asher and Cantor CEO Lee Amaitis had a falling out. The counter claim alleges that “Asher was subjected to vitriolic tirades from his direct supervisor, Amaitis, about matters related to regulatory compliance when Amaitis was unwilling to follow certain recommendations of Cantor’s compliance committee, of which Asher was a member."

Asher's defence to Cantor's initial suit is that his primary job focus while at Cantor Gaming was to develop mobile betting systems, and was not involved in running sports books or race books.