Casino Robbers Get Less Than What They Expect

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Four armed men who robbed a San Diego casino on Wednesday probably made off with less than what they expected.

The four men, who entered the casino masked and brandishing firearms, took a Plexiglass display full of cash, which looked to be holding $250,000. However, the casino actually took stacks of $1 dollar bills and placed a single $100 dollar bill on top to give the appearance of the big prize inside.

The robbers dragged the box out of the casino using a sports utility vehicle, shot the glass out from the case, and then took off with a 30 foot long steel chain being dragged behind their vehicle. The SUV was found about a mile away with some of the money inside. Federal agents are pursuing the robbers.

Detective Tom Poulin commented on the crime, saying: "It seemed like a very amateur attempt."