Slovakia Submitting Proposed Online Gambling Amendments To E.U.

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

The Slovakian government has announced that it may utilize techniques such as ISP blocking to help curtail illegal gambling in its country and has announced that it is submitting its proposed legislation of the techniques to the European Union and European Commission.

The pending legislation, which features amendments to the Slovakia Gambling Act is aimed to stop operators who do not possess gaming licenses within the country of 5.4 million. The law is controversial, with critics saying it will create problems with enforcing the law and that the law is too hard on suspected illegal operators.

Slovakian Finance Ministry employee Zuzana Brutenicova said that the legislation is to be submitted to both the European Union member states and European Commission, per EU procedure.

"After the notification process is finished - it lasts at least three months - and evaluation of comments presented by EU-member countries, the Commission will decide on further moves concerning this legislative proposal," said Brutenicova.