Full Tilt Possibly Working On Settling Lawsuit

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Poker Website "Poker Strategy" has reported that Full Tilt Poker may be close to settling a federal lawsuit that was filed in Maryland.

U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosentein reportedly wrote to Judge Catherine C. Blake saying that he has been in contact with an attorney for Full Tilt Poker in regards to frozen Swiss bank accounts related to the poker company.

In the letter, Rosenstein says: "As to the two Ranston accounts, I have been contacted by Barry Boss, Esquire, who represents Ranston Ltd., which appears to be the owner of the two accounts. Mr. Boss and I have opened discussions towards a potential settlement of the interests in the Ranston accounts."

"In order to facilitate the settlement process, the government has agreed to waive all filing time limits for Ranston while we are making progress with settlement discussions."

"I will submit a status report to the Court if the case is not resolved as to the Ranston accounts by December 21, 2011."

The lawsuit is part of United States of America v. Funds Contained in Four Accounts (Oldford Group et al), which was recently unsealed by the court system. The suit was filed in Maryland.

Details on the suit can be found at: http://resources.pokerstrategy.com/2011/10/27/1-main.pdf