Alderney Issues Statement On Full Tilt Poker Funds

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

On Thursday the Alderney Gambling Control Commission issued a statement that clarified the amount of money that the Department of Justice had seized from the poker site.

It is unknown why the statement was released, or how the amount mis-calculation could have been off by $200 million.

The statement reads:

"AGCC wishes to correct and clarify an erroneous statement contained in the Commission tribunal’s published determination notice of the hearing into Full Tilt, which includes the statement:‐ “the individual seizures made by the Department of Justice during the period 28th June 2007 to 20th June 2011, which amount to a cumulative total of approximately $331 million US Dollars.”

"The underlying evidence in the hearing clearly demonstrated that $331 million was the total of funds unavailable to Full Tilt, of which DOJ seizures formed only a part.

"The mis‐statement is thus not of significance in the Commission’s assessment of the matter."

Full Tilt Poker issued a statement on August 31st that claims the DoJ seized $115 million of player funds that are in US banks.

A link to the statement can be found at: