Romania Forcing ISPs To Block Unauthorized Gambling Sites

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

A new anti-internet gambling regulation introduced by the Romanian Ministry of Finance will allow the government to block unlawful online gambling sites.

The new regulation is titled Decision 823, and became active at the end of August. It will allow the government to block unauthorized gambling sites to Romanian citizens. The blockage of gambling sites is accomplished by making Internet Service Providers to block sites which are banned by the government.

Decision 823 is shrouded in controversy, as it does not force the service provider or the monitor to inform the illegal websites that action will be pursued against them. Critics say that service providers are under no obligation to work with the government to make sure the sites are blocked, and also worry about censorship being placed into the hands of the Romanian government.

Despite the fact that no current law compels the service provider to block the sites, the government will force service providers into blocking the sites; placing heavy fines on ISPs that do not block the sites within 12 hours of the order being made. There is also no current judiciary oversight over the new regulation.