Philippines Illegal Gambling Raid Nets 20 Arrests

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Filipino police conducted a series of raids over the weekend resulted in 20 arrests, which included a Korean Jopok crime cell that was running an illegal online blackjack casino.

Samuel Pagdilao Jr., CIDG Director said that six members of the organized crime group "The Dragon Assassins Clan Of The Korean Jopok" were arrested in the raids, along with 14 Filipino accomplices. All of the suspects refused to cooperate with the police, who netted six blackjack and baccarat tables, six cartons of cards and CCTV video and audio equipment. Eighteen computers were also taken as part of the raid.

Police believe the illegal casino allowed online blackjack punters to play a live dealer style of the game.

Director Pagdilao released the names of the arrested Koreans as Lee Dewook, Mini Ji Su, An Bong Hee, Cho Hyun Woo, Jean Miae, and Kin Jungho. Dewook is suspected of being the crime group's lieutenant, as he had multiple tattoos; an indicating factor in gang rank.

Those arrested in the case will be charged with violating the area's anti-illegal gambling laws.