Online gambling to be taxed in ireland next year

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Online gambling taxation in Ireland is closer to becoming a reality as Minister For Justice Alan Shatter said that new gambling laws will be brought into effect next year, making online gambling site operators responsible for paying taxes.

Shatter was quoted by Reuters as saying in regards to the country's gambling law, "The shortcomings in the current law, for example, the absence of any regulation of online gambling, are exposing young people and other vulnerable persons to unacceptable risks,"

"The Exchequer is also being short-changed because of the absence of a taxation regime for online and other forms of remote gambling."

Gambling giant Paddy Power, who is based in Ireland and has a heavy online presence said it was happy to pay more taxes...if they are applied in a fair matter. A Paddy Power spokesperson said, "It's the policing of the legislation that is the most important thing. Irish and international players need to be taxed equally."

Under the proposed new law, the Minister For Justice will have complete supervisory, inspection and enforcement powers over betting shops and gaming arcades. Under the current system, the licensing and supervision responsibilities for gambling companies are split between the Minister For Justice and the Minister For Finance.