Nevada Online Poker Regulations Up For Debate

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has set up the first draft for state regulations on internet poker, and a workshop has been scheduled to discuss the draft.

Earlier in the year, Nevada lawmakers passed online poker legislation that would allow for the game to be played intrastate, with the requirement that a federal law would have to be similarly approved. Once a version of the drafted regulations is agreed upon, it will go to the a vote by the Gaming Control Board and then passed on to the state's Gaming Commission. The approval process will then move on to public hearings and then having more refinements subjected to a final vote by the board. If the regulations are then approved, the state will then wait for federal regulation to be passed in the U.S. Congress before it can have the law take effect.

The workshop to discuss the draft is set for September 28th. Optimistic projections have been made that the state's role in online poker regulation can be finished by December.

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20 September 2011 - 8:24am

What a bureaucracy in States! Nothing is more obvious than the fact that people want gambling to be allowed and online gambling is quite a common practice in the world.. I can't understand what the authorities are trying to do... Moreover, it will be good for the economy as well...

The problem here is the fact that to approve a single thing, you have to discuss it, than vote, than again discuss and bring it to hundreds of commissions and regulatory bodies... Ineffective communication...