Massachusetts One Step Closer To Legal Online Poker

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Intrastate online poker is one step closer to becoming a reality in Massachusetts has made its way through the State House of Assembly this week.

The proposed legalization of online poker in the state is being called the Winslow Amendment, after Daniel Winslow tacked the Massachusetts Republican tacked the measure onto a wider bill which is tasked with expanding land based gambling within the state.

In a statement, Winslow said "This amendment was aimed at creating high-tech job opportunities in Massachusetts, as well as increased local aid revenue. It is important to remember that 1,700 foreign companies already offer Internet poker, so state regulation will ensure that consumers are not being cheated."

The Winslow Amendment would allow for up to five online poker companies to be operating within the state, It will also put into charge a proposed state gambling commission to analyze and develop legislation for online poker. Additionally, the amendment calls for the legislation to be ready by July of next year. The overall gambling bill will now be debated in the state's legislature.