Kyrgyzstan Outlaws All Gambling

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Kyrgyzstan has passed legislation through its parliament last week which effectively bans all forms of gambling.

The law, which was passed with overwhelming support may potentially force all legal gambling operators to cease operations in the country of 5.4 million.

The passage of the law met with some controversy, as thousands of casino workers whose careers are in jeopardy took to the streets to protest. They held signs that read, "Deputies, Stop Destroying the Economy", "By Closing Casinos You Will Lose Millions in Taxes" and "Fight Gambling Barons, Not Casino Personnel".

The law will remove millions of dollars of taxable revenue from the country's pockets. The new law also calls for gambling to be legal in one specific zone, but no zone has been designated as of the time of this report.

Fatherland Party Member Baktybek Dzhetigenov spoke out in favor of the ban saying, "We are talking about the fate of many families who are losing everything because of casinos."

The law will now go in front of President Roza Otunbayeva to be signed into law. Last week she said that banning gambling outright would only force it underground.