Irish gambling restrictions previewed

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Ireland's updated regulations in regards to online gambling looks to be moving ahead, as Justice Minister Alan Shutter revealed some of the proposals to be included in legislation during an interview this weekend.

Some of the proposed regulations that Shutter revealed over the weekend include:

  • Time delays on credit cards which are used to bet online.

  • There will also be restrictions on advertising which show gambling to be trendy.

  • Online casinos forcing "due diligence checks" on customers, which may involve a 12 hour delay from when a player registers to play and when they can actually gamble.

  • Players being required to validate their age when they register or register for PIN numbers.

  • Stiff fines for illegal and unlicensed gambling operations, including fines and possible prison time.

The proposed online gambling reforms are set to take effect next year if passed, and will see operators being taxed by the Irish government. No firm plans have been made to ensure how the new reforms are to be regulated and enforced.