German Court Rules In Favor Of Blocking Private Gambling Companys

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Germany's Federal Court of Justice has upheld a ban that prohibits private companies from operating online betting sites.

The court ruled in favor of the prohibition of private sites saying that it is necessary to combat the dangers associated with online gambling, a report from Bloomberg states.

Speaking about the ruling, Federal Court of Justice Presiding Judge Joachim Bornkamm said, “Because of the greater dangers of the Internet, above all anonymity, lack of social control and accessibility at any time, this sales venue can be subject to stricter regulation."

Gaming company Bwin .e.K. issued comment on the ruling saying, “The ban violates European rules and won’t last. A regulated market opening is the only way to combat the black market in Germany and to comply with EU requirements.”

Bwin e.K. has the option of filing a constitutional complaint, but it is expected to not have a ruling until the end of the year if it pursues its case.