Bodog Founder Fires Back At PokerScout

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

Bodog founder Calvin Ayre fired back at online poker statistic site PokerScout via his website on Tuesday, claiming that PokerScout tried to extort the gambling giant.

The article, written by Ayre states that PokerScout's Dan Stewart has "descended into arrogance" and "glossed over his ethical chicanery". Furthermore, the piece accuses Dan Stewart of trying to extort Bodog into paying a large sum in order for PokerScout to remove the information.

Quoting the article, Ayre claims:

"After speaking with Bodog executives there’s more to the story than Danny boy is telling his readers," the piece comments, going on to claim:

"Bodog approached Dan Stewart to be removed from the listings. Dan Stewart thought about the request and offered to take Bodog off his site BUT only if they paid Stewart a seven figure extortion payment.'

"This is an old school extortion racket by Stewart. He steals your data and uses it against your better interests in a money making scheme and if you don’t like it he needs over a million dollars to make your problem go away.'

"It’s like a bootlegger telling Steven Spielberg that he’ll stop selling illegal DVDs but only after Spielberg agreed to pay for the DVDs plus a big premium.'

"Bodog refused to make the extortion payment Stewart requested as they know he is taking their data without implicit permission and directly profiting from it."

The full article can be read at:

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