Betfair Gets Sheepish In Ad

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

London based betting company Betfair is playing off New Zealand's sheepish reputation in a new ad campaign.

The betting giant is offering farmers in New Zealand farmers a dollar for each sheep that they paint England's St George's Cross on during the Rugby World Cup. England's Rugby Center Will Greenwood launched the ad campaign, by painting his own sheep. The 2003 Rugby World Cup champion then asked New Zealand farmers to paint their sheep and earn some money.

Commenting on the unusual marketing tactic, Greenwood said, "I'm sure even the All Blacks (New Zealand's national team) will be left feeling a little bit sheepish by this unusual approach."

So far 200 sheep have been painted, and Betfair has posted a viral video. Betfair is hoping the tactic will give England a boost in World Cup play.

The sheep painting could also become very pricey for Betfair: New Zealand has 47.2 million sheep, more than 13 times the population of the country!

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9 September 2011 - 8:30am

Woow a nice promotion - painted sheep will be fun to see, and the farmers will earn some extra money 😉 😂 I'd like to see the video, can someone post it ?