AGA Unveils Code of Conduct

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

American Gaming Association President and CEO Frank J. Fahrenkopf Jr. has once again called for regulation of online poker in the United States by issuing a statement as well as unveiling a proposed code of conduct for poker site operators.

The statement, which states that "There are no longer any good reasons to put U.S. citizens at risk by continuing to outlaw online poker in the U.S.", also reveals that the AGA has unveiled an online poker code of conduct which outlines steps that every poker company should follow in order to obtain a gaming license.

These steps include:

  • Conduct extensive background checks that will keep criminals out of the business;

  • Install proper identification of every U.S. online poker player to assist law enforcement and keep minors, consumers from unlawful jurisdictions and cheaters from playing;

  • Undergo regular testing and auditing of online poker software to ensure that games are fair and honest;

  • Implement rigorous player exclusion processes to prevent minors, players from illegal U.S. jurisdictions and cheaters from accessing online poker sites;

  • Institute effective responsible gaming protections on operator sites to educate patrons and provide problem gamblers easy access to tools to help control their behavior; and,

  • Maintain stringent anti-money-laundering procedures that will assist the government in its law enforcement efforts.

"The AGA thinks online poker operators must adhere to the same stringent regulations that have proven effective in governing brick-and-mortar casinos," the statement reads. If online poker is legalized in the U.S., implementation of the principles of the Code of Conduct will ensure that American consumers are playing online poker in a fair and secure environment provided by a responsible operator."

"Only a few years ago, the technology and operating processes did not exist to implement and enforce the principles of the Code," Fahrenkopf said. "But online gambling is legal in some 85 jurisdictions today, and the technology that eliminates the risks that once concerned the AGA and others has now been proven through actual use."

The statement also makes the point that millions of Americans play online poker each day, despite legal action taken by the Justice Department to shut the doors of pay poker sites.

Also of note, the AGA also released a Wild West themed video calling for online poker regulation. The video states that players are unprotected under current law, and that billions of dollars in tax revenues and jobs are going to companies overseas, a play on some of the most controversial topics in the backs of American minds these days.

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