Online Gambling In DC Postponed

This story was published more than 12 years ago.

It appears that implementation of an online gambling law in Washington DC will be delayed even further due to objections over the timing of scheduled town hall meetings, which are being held to discuss the law with citizens.

The law, which aims to legalize online gambling within the city limits of Washington DC has come over much scrutiny since it was passed earlier this year. First, it was contested due to the fact it was snuck into a financial bill; next it was objected to because of the fact that citizens had not had the ability to voice concerns and learn about the law.

In the aftermath of these objections, DC Lottery Chief Buddy Roogow set up town hall style meetings where citizens could be educated on the law and voice any questions and concerns they have. However, it now appears that these meetings will not be held from August to September, but rather September through October, as some citizens do not want meetings to be held during the summer.